Adam Bruce - Holistic Health

Over 20 years experience in wellness coaching and addiction mentoring.

Help Overcome Life's Challenges

Over 20 years experience in wellness coaching and addiction mentoring.


Hi, I’m Adam , a fully qualified life coach and holistic wellness coach, who specialises in working with individuals suffering from all types of addictions, especially food addiction and alcohol dependency, as well as gambling and drug addiction, as a recovery coach and mentor and have extensive experience working with people with depression and anxiety. In addition to my life coaching and holistic nutrition qualifications I’m also a qualified level 3 counselling graduate and am currently a level 4 counselling student able to give emotional and psychological support , guidance and mentoring. I work to strict standards of professional confidentiality as I understand that building trust between us is a key ingredient of our work together.


Alcohol Dependency

As someone that was once where you are now and has been sober for over 23 years, I understand what you are going…

Food Addiction

Are you tired of being told that you are overweight because you are greedy, lazy or lack self control? Have you tried…

Gambling Addiction

Do you bet in secret? Do you bet more than you can afford to lose? Do you gamble larger amounts in order to try to maintain…

Life Coaching

Are you feeling stuck, unfulfilled, fearful of making changes and following your dreams or that life is passing you by?


Have you been feeling low, hopeless or worthless for awhile? Do you feel irritable and snappy, low on energy and motivation…


Do you feel anxious, fearful or worried about things most of the time? Do you find it hard to stop worrying and stop intrusive thoughts?


  • A guarantee that if you work with me and are prepared to give 100% and go to any lengths to get well, that your life will improve dramatically beyond all recognition.
  • Total support, guidance and expertise with total commitment to getting you well.
  • Complete confidentiality- which means that I won’t share your information with anyone without your consent.
  • Honesty, integrity and authenticity.
  • An arm around your shoulder when you need it most and also tough love when you need that.
  • A guarantee that I will never ask you to do something that I haven’t done myself- in other words my methods are tried and trusted and I have been fortunate enough to enjoy sober recovery for over 23 years now.
  • Guidance on a special journey of self discovery and healing that will be truly transformational for you.