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My philosophy for your success is very simple – I combine psychological support, expertise and evidence based scientific principles with a deep level of care, non-judgemental support and commitment that has proved to be extremely effective in transforming the lives of people just like you that are experiencing professional, personal, emotional and physical difficulties.


That’s simple. Over 20 years ago I was perhaps where you are now. I felt lost and stuck. I was anxious all the time with low mood, low self worth and a lack of confidence. I knew that things had to change but I didn’t know where to start. As you are doing now, I reached out for help and support and that proved to be a huge, life changing turning point for me, one that has allowed me to not only completely transform my life, but has allowed me to help many others just like you to grow, change and heal.
My experience comes not only from extensive study, but also from the university of life and my own personal experiences.


  • Life coaching practitioner
  • Holistic nutritionist
  • Level 3 diploma in counselling
  • Level 4 counselling student.


As an holistic practitioner, my approach is to treat every person as a unique individual who is experiencing problems that are unique to them. I also understand on a very deep level that in order to help others to get well, we must treat the whole person and not just the symptoms, because if we only treat symptoms instead of the underlying root causes, then sooner or later those symptoms will resurface, leading to relapse and further difficulties. So by treating the whole person holistically, we will as a team put in place the solid foundations upon which to build healthy lives and long lasting, ongoing recovery.